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Is It True Tz And Ug Ladies Are Better Than Kenyan
Listing #11389 by ›› Sahau on 21-May-2008    .  › Report/Praise Listing . 1,695 views . 70 comments . Printed 141 times


There was an article in the dailies that Kenyan men who dare work in Namanga always end up marring a Tanzanian lady even if the man was already married. Some of the men who have married Tanzanians when interviews said:

Tz ladies know how to treat men (like a king)
They never nag or irritate the husband
The never want to behave or fight to be equal to the husband
They are submissive and humble
They don't argue much with their husbands

In a nutshell, one man said since he married the Tanzanian lady, he stopped drinking! He always looks froward to going home to be treated like a king! When he was living with his Kenyan wife, he would drink late to avoid spending time with his wife?

"One thing ladies ought to know is that any man would respect and love a submissive woman more than he would a nagging/abrasive/loud woman - and this is what Kenyan women are made of!" The men said.

Is this true?
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›› chilli  22-May-2008, reply_62602   › Flag Comment
better or not, the fact is that their men look for kenyan gals and believe u me their men aint bad at all..so its ok if the guys on kenyanlist drop us for those gals we'll get their men.
›› Sahau  22-May-2008, reply_62618   › Flag Comment
He he @chilli, why are you giving up without a fight?
›› Ashum4  22-May-2008, reply_62623   › Flag Comment
I prefer a challenging woman.............soooo submissive is boring and again women who play hardball deliberately just to prove a point lose out.
›› wanito  22-May-2008, reply_62629   › Flag Comment
my opinion is based on tat and jossseph,mine i would go for a Swazi lady,
›› wanito  22-May-2008, reply_62638   › Flag Comment
theres ths lady whom we did affair with for one(1) year i would gve her cash to pay rent,also 4 her upkeep(saloon,shopping ya hao etc),last week she come to my office she wanted 1000,i didnt have the cash but i gave her 300.She looked at me very badly thn she told me she wouldnt take the cash.She returned the money back to me.by the way she doesnt have jobbo.i made up my mind not to communicate with her since thn.shes from Muranga.
›› Sahau  22-May-2008, reply_62641   › Flag Comment
Why @wanito?
›› BB  22-May-2008, reply_62646   › Flag Comment
1. They drink to much.
2.They are useless in bed(Kikuyu's) Small dicks....
4.TZ women are still sleeping.............mazuzuzuzuzuzuzz......
›› k  23-May-2008, reply_63065   › Flag Comment
treat me well unconditionally and I will be all yours PERIOD
›› the game  23-May-2008, reply_63067   › Flag Comment
wendy, ati why do west afrikans lyk kenya chikidas, i know its gonna hurt but they say u kenyan chix r 2 easy 2 get laid...PERIOD
›› Mabawa  23-May-2008, reply_63071   › Flag Comment
is it me or do you guys also notice BB has issues with size and money? if she was white we would have correctly used the adjective "white trash" on her.......is there an equivalent ajective for black women?
›› stoam2008 Online < 7 minutes   25-May-2008, reply_63204   › Flag Comment
@ Jose...just replace the white with black...black trash...
›› jaks  25-May-2008, reply_63234   › Flag Comment
well i didnt settle with my mamaa because i knew she was half kao half ug, it was her simple personality, inteligence, turns out that where she comes from is a brilliant cocktail.
›› Sahau  26-May-2008, reply_63303   › Flag Comment
@jossseph, wanito's Muranga gal also has problems with money. By the way @wanito, does she compensate you for your efforts - eg good in bed, faithful, etc? Most Kenyan ladies don't.
›› wanito  27-May-2008, reply_63950   › Flag Comment
i once invited her in my hao;my,my,my,my;she didnt know how to cook,it was horrible ate thats what is being done kwa tele. she wore all her clothes on (including bla na biker) when she went to bed.To be honest with you i didnt slep with her coz she didnt shower to make the matter worse she smelled very badly, i sleeped in my sofa.Sikutaka hizo cargo zake....whn she left in the morning i toke my sheets to the laundry
›› Sahau  27-May-2008, reply_63959   › Flag Comment
@wanito so we have women who are dirty?
›› the kiuk protagonist  27-May-2008, reply_63960   › Flag Comment
lazima waoge na geisha
›› wendy  07-Jun-2008, reply_66598   › Flag Comment
ati we ar easy to get laid, damn them!
›› Ace of Spades  01-Jul-2009, reply_145325   › Flag Comment
Is it true the Ethopian men are better than Kenyan men?
›› Patra  25-Mar-2011, reply_525850   › Flag Comment
UG women are just generally submissive same as TZ women but the southerners are calculating, manupilative but Ugandan women are generally game as long as you feed her and Bone her properly she will never look at another.
Kenyan Mamas despite the stress of Keeping up with the Joneses have their advantages in that at times when things are tight our women are very resourceful and like true lionesses they will always find a way to feed their families with all the upuzi we put them thru'. Kenyan Mama> Ugandan mama>TZ mama for me.
›› Ruffneck  25-Mar-2011, reply_525909   › Flag Comment
Despite everything, I just love my Kenyan woman.
›› ochithunder  25-Mar-2011, reply_526058   › Flag Comment
Hogwash. there is nothing like such and such women are better than others.
›› Clark  25-Mar-2011, reply_526385   › Flag Comment
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›› akukupilipili  25-Mar-2011, reply_526452   › Flag Comment
@tat ulilelewa wapi wewe! earning ndo kusema nini?therz wat a good wife shld do so is a gud hazi defined by philosophy community religion etc,job biashara n other crab kwishaz tru luv yaishi milele kama hujaolewa chuk that mentality if already married ntamweka mmeo katika maombi jumapili.
›› akukupilipili  25-Mar-2011, reply_526453   › Flag Comment
@guru point of corection the lozers u date(not kenyan men)r afraid of responsibilitiez sawa?that doesnt apply to alot of us out here.
›› scumbag  26-Sep-2011, reply_608001   › Flag Comment
hii yote ni porojo empty....if you can't get it on with a Kenyan woman stop trying to justifying it here...
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