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Pastor Edward Mwai Of Jesus Winner Prophesy
Listing #107110 by ›› xaxa on 07-Jan-2013    .  › Report/Praise Listing . 4,416 views . 4 comments . Printed 69 times

1. Many plane crashes in africa this year.
2.jubilee wil form next govt tgethr with no. 3
3.pastor wanjiru wil b ashamed this round. Na ameanza
4. Violence in kibera n mathare.
youl remember this come april.
›› nitro  07-Jan-2013, reply_855552   › Flag Comment
Hatutaki prophets of doom...
›› mgongo mture   07-Jan-2013, reply_855577   › Flag Comment
hehehe, ata mimi na prophesy nitanyamba usiku.

›› MasterofMinge  07-Jan-2013, reply_855584   › Flag Comment
Absolute bull$hit.

By the way, #1 and #4 happens all the time.
›› karema_hiti  08-Jan-2013, reply_855763   › Flag Comment
I prophesy that every morning this year, I will wake up with a raging erection...
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Presidential projects funded to divide presumed regional strongholds and runnng mate soliciters "running" for president SHOULD be subjected to political oblivion after loosing. NO HANDOUTS! (Whatsup by sasa)

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