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Pastor Ssempa Explains Gay Sex Again Using A Banana &carrot
Listing #106717 by ›› Njamba Huthu on 03-Jan-2013, 2:52 pm   . 1,821 views . 5 comments . Printed 60 times .  › Flag This Listing

MARTIN SSEMPA, a homophobic pastor in Uganda who is well known for his lectures against homosexuality stunned television viewers in Uganda by demonstrating with fruit and vegetables how he believes gay men and women have sex.

(READ: Uganda Trans Activist Showdown With Homophobic Cleric)

Appearing in a discussion with a trans activist on the Ugandan television talk show Morning Breeze, Ssempa launched into a graphic description of gay sex.

Arguing with Pepe Onziema, a trans man, Sempa explained that gay sex is wrong because the “anus is for exit only”, demonstrating with a banana.

He explained: “When you are homosexual, you have more chance of experiencing death from HIV – why? When you take a man – this is a man’s genitals,” as he picked up a banana “you insert them into the intestine – ok? They put their genitals into their excretory system – this excretory system is not designed to receive, it is only for exit.”

The pastor then tried to explain how Onziema has sex with another woman.

He said: “For woman what they do is they begin their sexual acts, because she does not have the equipment, they begin to use their lips… so the mouth is used to lick the other person that is number one, it creates [gonorrhoea] men and lesbians have gonorrhoea and oral syphilis.

“Number two, because they don’t have the equipment, they begin to use gadgets like bananas.”

As he picked up a bunch of fruit and vegetables he added: “they use carrots, they use bananas they use cucumbers, and other metalised ones, and they put them insides themselves…because they are not normal.”

In 2010, Mr Ssempa stunned reporters at a press conference by showing them hardcore gay porn.

The following month, he showed extreme gay porn to his church congregation that included minors.

He has also claimed that gay people eat “poo poo”.

›› Njamba Huthu  03-Jan-2013, 2:58 pm, reply_852207
I would honestly decline an offer to heaven if ever I found such characters there!
›› docdave  03-Jan-2013, 3:38 pm, reply_852240
›› MBOMB Away < 15 minutes   03-Jan-2013, 4:41 pm, reply_852283
....He has also claimed that gay people eat “poo poo”. ....
›› Njamba Huthu  03-Jan-2013, 7:23 pm, reply_852443
@Uwesmake...honestly who is the devil here? Dont be a Pharisee!
›› sophie91  03-Jan-2013, 9:17 pm, reply_852550
this Idiot is just a petty attention seeker who is desperately trying all manner of theatrics to lure some attention for his pathetic campaign which by now isnt much of a cause anymore and he knows it.Whatever two consenting adults do in bed is none of his business and i dont see why he should drag his congregation into it. If he has ran out of ideas of pulling money from his poor followers somebody should advise him to borrow a leaf from NDEYA!
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