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Lilian Muli Kanene
Listing #104176 by ›› kenyanerotica on 05-Dec-2012    .  › Report/Praise Listing . 11,277 views . 31 comments . Printed 368 times . Favorited 1 times

She is a great TV presenter isn't she

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›› The_Virus  05-Dec-2012, reply_830069   › Flag Comment
My interest in a woman decreases greatly once she brings forth an offspring
›› machinecarwash  05-Dec-2012, reply_830102   › Flag Comment
›› wamum-Goldy   05-Dec-2012, reply_830144   › Flag Comment
chik cheating on her hubby......
›› Mayekeke Away < 15 minutes   05-Dec-2012, reply_830166   › Flag Comment
In 1993 i saw Lillian Muli loose her virginity....and it's her bro Silah who pimped her for Kshs.500 *True story*
›› LeoKim  05-Dec-2012, reply_830173   › Flag Comment
Have you seen the size of her mouth? giganormous ! I bet you can hear echos from her p.ussy when she walks by !
›› Josto bwaku  05-Dec-2012, reply_830175   › Flag Comment
uwesmake, wacha kucheza na foreskin sana, go out n fly a kite or something
›› Juguma Diani  05-Dec-2012, reply_830177   › Flag Comment
na mna mambo
›› xabi  05-Dec-2012, reply_830178   › Flag Comment
Ngumzo kenyanlistini..
›› 4makind  05-Dec-2012, reply_830185   › Flag Comment
I am sure she is a lister kwa hio kueni wapole!
›› Ruffneck  05-Dec-2012, reply_830197   › Flag Comment
eh bana. muache Lillian akuwe. She is fine to me. not bony, neither can she be said to be momoish, which is the perfect size for a chic.
›› ffiam  05-Dec-2012, reply_830206   › Flag Comment
hate all you want buh she is really hot..

Dear Admin.
It would be nice to ongeza a 'like' and 'dislike' combo box for the listers to either like or the latter a comment...
›› chillypeper  05-Dec-2012, reply_830210   › Flag Comment
Hey guys.....let her be, she does not deserve all this crap. Fact is she is pretty and doing well for herself......just handle it.
›› MBOMB  05-Dec-2012, reply_830235   › Flag Comment
›› Ruffneck 05-Dec-2012, reply_830197 › Report this user/reply
eh bana. muache Lillian akuwe.

Mother-tongue nayo?
›› Ruffneck  05-Dec-2012, reply_830240   › Flag Comment
@MBOMB, hata wewe utaniacha nikuwe!!!
›› MBOMB  05-Dec-2012, reply_830244   › Flag Comment
Pole boss..... kuwa
›› Ruffneck  05-Dec-2012, reply_830248   › Flag Comment
sawa ass. chief... pewa hewa hivi mtu nguyaz!!!

›› Riddim  05-Dec-2012, reply_830263   › Flag Comment
mtaro nayo!!.
›› troll  05-Dec-2012, reply_830278   › Flag Comment
^^^^^HAHAHA tab of lard above trying to look tough !
›› smata  05-Dec-2012, reply_830302   › Flag Comment
hehehe. gumzo klist way.!
›› seeker  05-Dec-2012, reply_830433   › Flag Comment
i think she was born to be a presenter,not everyone is doing what they were born to do and for that she gets 10 over 10 from me.
›› Amreh  06-Dec-2012, reply_830611   › Flag Comment
›› MegaKing  06-Dec-2012, reply_830625   › Flag Comment
One thing about us Men, We would f--- her no matter amepitiwa na wangapi!!!
›› kichwa maji  06-Dec-2012, reply_831254   › Flag Comment
leokim..maze hiyo n noma
›› jimmychichi5  07-Dec-2012, reply_831786   › Flag Comment
How comes there is a BRAZZERS tag on her photo? That's a porn site!!!!!!
›› oldmwa  15-Dec-2012, reply_837144   › Flag Comment
Kipenda roho hula nyama mbichi
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