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Lamu Project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Listing #101013 by ›› NKC on 30-Oct-2012 2:13 pm . 470 views . 8 comments . 53 prints .  › Flag This Listing
The Lamu Port and Lamu Southern Sudan-Ethiopia Transport Corridor (LAPSSET) aka The Lamu corridor is a transport and infrastructure project that when complete will be the country's second transport corridor.Now that being said, anybody know the progress so far .Its $22 billion worth of project n if not checked it might end up being a white elephant.frequent updates like those of thika super highway needed.
›› Ruffneck  30-Oct-2012, 2:22 pm, reply_807248
When Raila was planning the creation of by-passes and over-passes in 2003, Kenyans dismissed him as a dreamer. right now, the same people are screaming their lungs out for everyone to hear that Kibaki has developed the roads. when the next president builds that port, I hope history repeats itself!
›› patrome  30-Oct-2012, 11:33 pm, reply_807571
^^^ politicians talk abt doing, leaders get it done. We shouldnt have to defend our so called leaders, their track record should reflect their true character...
›› Ruffneck  31-Oct-2012, 7:45 am, reply_807857
clearly, your understanding of Kenyan politics is limited to what you 'hear' on TV.
›› patrome  31-Oct-2012, 11:31 am, reply_808015
and clearly your head is still stuck up someones ass..
›› Josto bwaku  31-Oct-2012, 3:12 pm, reply_808204
ruffneck sounds like u were wanking with sensodine toothpaste
›› Ruffneck  31-Oct-2012, 4:56 pm, reply_808287
@patrome, i don't apologise for being sincere so i'd rather my head be up someone's behind saying the truth than be clamping on some other person's deek coz i'm affiliated.
›› patrome  31-Oct-2012, 7:16 pm, reply_808364
dude, u missed the expression by so far sijui nikusaidie aje.. Goodluck
›› Ruffneck  31-Oct-2012, 8:08 pm, reply_808383
i'll keep it simple: if someone's done something good, applaud. whichever way you wanna cloth the elephant in the room, sh-- is sh-- is sh--.
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