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  have a nice week!
  Do you know how painful it is to spend almost your entire life using condoms only to die of Ebola?
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  Whether the cock crows or not, the sun will always come up.
  If you believe that you must work hard in order to deserve the money that comes to you, then money cannot come to you unless you do work hard. Financial success, or any other kind of success, does
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Cheap Flights, Hotels And Cars - In Kenya & Around The World . Listing # 140437

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Cheap Flights, Hotels And Cars - In Kenya & Around The World . Listing # 140437

21,210 views, 15,966,211 ad impressions
The constitution is clear on how many offices an individual may hold, hence by swearing in they effectively resigned from the cabinet. They can choose to be one or the other not both. (Quote by sasa)

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